2014: My Twelve Mile Year

Posted by on Jan 10, 2014

Don’t be timid or squeamish about your actions. The more experiments you made the better.”  -Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Don’t be timid or squeamish about your actions.The more experiments you make the better.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson.


I think this is great advice. And instead of putting it in the nice-idea category of my brain for “later” (aka never) and preceding to forget about it, I decided to take action.


Today I’m going to share with you my first of what I hope will be many experiments of 2014.



I ran a mile.


I ran my first mile in at least 15 years.


And I posted about it on facebook. “I am about to do an experiment,” I declared into the ether. “I am about to run a mile around this track. To see what happens. Because the truth is I’ve told myself I’m not a runner and I’ve collected proof for years that this is so. And yet from somewhere deeper, I kinda like the idea of running. And I am working on being more fit. So I thought what if I just ran once a month? And see what happens? I am not turning in my non-runner card just yet. Just doing a little experiment… to see what happens.”


We all have stories. We all have beliefs. Some of them serve us, and some do not.


Experiments allow us to test these stories, and temporarily step outside them.


Which for anyone wishing to make a change, is more than huge. It’s epic.


So I ran that mile. And I was surprised to realize I enjoyed it. My body was ok. And I felt pretty darn amazing: I just designed and carried out my first experiment!


Those 11-minutes of my life also led to a sort of ridiculous and fun commitment: I will run 12 miles this year. That’s right. One mile a month.


Considering I have run zero miles in the past decade and a half, that is a zillion times an improvement.


And, I have a feeling it will inspire me to be more active each month as well, knowing I’m going to keep track of these monthly miles. But that’s just a hypothesis.


Here’s why experiments are great: It doesn’t matter what happens. There is no right or wrong, good or bad. What will happen is what will happen. And you’ll learn something. Something of value if your experiment is designed around something that you value.


So I ask you…

Where in your life are you longing for a new experience? What experiment could you try that might help get you there?


I challenge you not to put this into the nice-idea category of your brain and move onto the next thing.

Spend two or three minutes  right now and apply this to yourself. What kind of experiment could you do that would be fun, perhaps even ridiculous, that just might move you gently to where you would like to go?


I’d love to hear about it.


If you are in Albany, and the type who enjoys group support when making shiff=ts and change, consider joining my Yoga & Peaceful Eating Program. It starts January 18th, and there is a free intro happening January 11th.




  1. I love this, Pamela – experiments to challenge your thoughts. I had a similar plan last year. I’d always told myself I was not a runner (had bad knees), but I wondered if I could train to run a 5K. I did the training on my own, finished it all but couldn’t run the whole thing. I could run/walk/run etc. so that I was running at least half of it, but not the whole thing. Then, I got sidetracked. The funny think is that I noticed how much better shape I was in, mostly energetically. This year I’m going to try again, maybe get a running coach and actually sign up for a 5K. I’ll keep you posted.

    • Awesome, Kim! It’s neat to realize who we can be isn’t limited to who we thought we were, isn’t it? Enjoy embracing your runner-hood and have fun if you go for that 5K! Thanks for posting and I hope you are well!

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