Clutter, Creativity & The Second Law of Thermodynamics

Posted by on Aug 28, 2012

A long time ago I noticed that there is a correlation between how clean or cluttered my outer world is and how clean or cluttered my inner world feels. When my living space is tidy, it is easier for me be present, creative, to make great decisions, and get things done with ease. Since I enjoy all of these things, I much prefer to live without much clutter in my living space.

However, when I find that my space is not so neat and tidy I don’t get upset and blame myself, I just remember the second law of thermodynamics. This law says that all systems naturally move from a state of order (i.e. organization) to a state of disorder (i.e. a mess). So it’s okay! And since I’m not laying myself up with a guilt trip, it is much easier to make it neat again.

I recently remind myself of the second law of thermodynamics when I found this mess on my hands. Check out the video of my basement not too long ago:



After one week (20-25 hours) of decluttering, organizing, and streamlining, the space was transformed. Watch the video below – can you feel the shift in energy?



Clutter experts and feng shuai specialists have known for a long time that there is a correlation between our environment and our health. I have found that when I get rid of what no longer serves me, the old things that remain suddenly feel “new” again. And I have created a space for fresh energy, creativity, and joy to flow in.

Happily now my…

* …closet is full of only clothes I love, and 80% less than what I used to have (experts say we only wear 20% of what we own anyway)

* …bookshelves hold only books that are of interest to me NOW – and they are all organized by topic

* …art supplies are grouped by project. Great ideas that were no longer inspiring were tossed, eliminating unnecessary energy drains

* …photos that made it into neither scrapbooks nor photo albums were tossed. (Note: photo paper unfortunately cannot be recycled.)

* …travel treasures are organized and photographed by country since I was starting to forget where some of them came from!

Best of all, I have a renewed motivation for keeping my stuff and my brain decluttered. And, I have the second law of thermodynamics to draw upon…when they eventually do!


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  1. Thanks! I needed a little inspiration with my de-cluttering/ organizing projects.

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