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Do you see the beautiful, filament-thin green with the black poppy-seed looking end? That is a micro-green! A chive micro-green to be exact.


What is a micro-green?

A micro-green is an edible, tiny green that is produced from the seeds of salad greens, herbs, edible flowers, and leafy vegetables.

Microfennel, microarugula, micro-spinach, microchrysanthemums, and microbasil are just a few examples of micro-greens. While baby greens are harvested when a plant is about 3 inches tall, micro-greens are harvested earlier, when the plant is only 1 or 2 inches tall. Micro-greens become popular in the 1990s on the west coast, but today they can be found in many places. I became aquatinted with them in Kittery, Maine when I ate the above kabob. It was delicious!


It looks like a sprout to me.

Microgreens are sometimes confused with sprouts, but there is a difference. Sprouts are seeds that have been soaked overnight and then rinsed daily until they germinate, usually a few days later. Microgreens are planted in soil and are harvested about 1-2 weeks later, just after their first set of real leaves has formed. They can be added to appetizers, sandwiches or salads for texture and taste and delight. Each variety has its own unique flavor.


Some fabulous things about growing micro-greens…

  • No garden required – grow them on a sunny windowsill, year round
  • Provide an extra flavor burst to sandwiches, soups and more
  • Feel empowered by your own ‘micro-enteriprise’ right in your kitchen
  • Save money! Micro-greens are  hard to transport so they are expensive to buy and not readily available
  • Impress your dinner guests with a great garnish
  • Play around with multiple varieties and find your favorites
  • Easy and fun for kids to grow
  • They are beautiful to look at, and fun to eat.


Are they healthy?

You bet! I am not going to tout them as a superfood, because I haven’t found any research saying that is true. But a green of any size, especially one grown by you (and with love, I assume!) is going to be great for your body and soul.


For More Information

You can find beautiful photos and step by step instructions for growing micro-greens on this post by You Grow Girl. For more general information on micro-greens, I also recommend  Fresh Origins’ website.


Win your own micro-greens seed starter kit!

Leave comment below (or email me) and you’ll have a chance for a free micro-green starter kit seeds. (I have a number of extra ones!)




  1. Pamela,
    I wanted to thank you for sharing this post on micro greens. I have always enjoyed sprouted grains and green leafy vegetables. However, I have the farthest thing from a “green thumb” and have been hesitant to try windowsill gardening. Your post inspired me to give it a try, and I am so glad I did! Not only were the instructions simple to follow, but the greens were quick to grow and easy to maintain and replant, Best of all… tasty!! Thanks so much.

  2. Hi Kelly! I’m so glad to hear you are having fun with your micro-greens!! I was also surprised how easy and tasty they are. Let me know if you would like any more seeds!

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