One-on-One Coaching

On Solid Ground: One on One Coaching Program


Are you ready to release your struggle with food?

Do you have personal questions and challenges that are still unresolved after countless diets?

Would you like to discover why you set goals and then work against yourself trying to achieve them?


In On Solid Ground, you’ll get the best of all aspects of me – a dietitian, a yoga instructor, and coach – and receive my undivided attention and support.


During this program you will…

  • Gain clarity and insight into your current food choices
  • Learn (and take) easy, actionable steps toward change
  • Realize change may bring challenges, but why outlook is critical
  • Expand your recipe repertoire
  • See your life and nutrition/health challenges from a new and loving lens that can change everything


What kind of diet do you recommend?

I do not make blanket dietary recommendations. There is a grain of truth to every diet, and as many ideal eating systems as there are on the planet. Actually there are even more because our dietary needs change through out our lifetime. Everyone I work with is unique. The goal is to find out what works best for you at this stage in your life, and how to develop skills where you are able to honor your own wisdom above any outside source of nutrition informaiton.


Is there a yoga component?

Sessions can include a yoga component if you wish. Yoga – which usually include postures as well as breath work-  is particularly helpful in allowing us to turn inward and connect to our own body wisdom.  It can be especially wonderful for those of us who spend a large portion of the day in our mind!


I’ve tried so many things already. How do I know that this is different?  

Trying a lot of things in the past is not a problem. Nearly everyone I work with has. In fact one of the first things we’ll do is  spend time reviewing what you’ve tried in the past and look for patterns of what served you and what didn’t. In this way, every single diet you tried was not a mistake but a testing ground where you learned more about yourself and your body. The skills and strategies I use are aimed at increasing your connection to yourself – not to me or to any particular diet.



What else do I need to know?

Due to my travel schedule, my coaching clients are limited to a small number of individuals.   Coaching is done in person or by telephone, and in includes one-on-one calls, email support, and telephone support, as needed.
Curious what others have said?

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It sounds great, but I am still not 100% sure.

No problem. Feel free to sign up for my email list. You will receive my occasional emails and updates, and we can stay connected that way.


I’m so ready! What’s next? 

To see if we are a fit, simply email me or give me a call at 518-339-2593 to set up a free consultation. I only work with people who I feel I can truly help, and with people who feel like my approach is a good match for their needs. There is no commitment, no charge, no hurt feelings. Promise.