Passion Apple Berry Summertime Tea

Posted by on Jul 2, 2012

Here is an easy, refreshing beverage that you can make in no time at all AND wow your friends at your next summertime gathering. Not only does this drink look beautiful, the tart tea and splash of sweet juice creates a unique combination that is simply delightful.

Pamela’s Passion Apple Berry

Summertime Tea

Tazo Passion Tea

Apple Juice

Organic blueberries


Brew the tea, let it cool, and then mix in the apple juice. Fill your pitcher with ice, pour the tea mixture on top and garnish with with berries. Stir and serve.

If you prefer more precise directions, I used 6 cups of water & 3 tea bags, 1 cup of apple juice and 1/2 cup of berries. With the ice, this made two pitcherfuls. (Next time I will make a double batch because it was gone so fast!)


I used Tazo tea because of its beautiful ruby color and because I had it on hand. (I have no affiliation with Tazo tea.) Don’t have Tazo tea or apple juice or blueberries?  Use any combination of tea and juice (even a juice box will do)  and whatever fresh or frozen fruit that strikes your fancy.

Be bold, and have fun!

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