Sweet Surrender

Posted by on Mar 16, 2014


It began with a heartfelt surrender on the airplane. No more trying to be Pretty. Cool. Interesting. Smart. My heart said ‘just do you.’


And so I chose.


Because how often had I allowed my self-concept to morph in any given moment, shrinking or expanding in regards to my perceptions and self-descriptions?


Quite often.


And yet another possibility always existed. I just couldn’t see it until I chose to live it.


(Funny how that works.)


Now I connect to my steady center.
I reclaim my hearts allegiance.
I live from within my own skin.


You do you and I do me.
It’s amazing how simple life can be.


Life unfolds in beautiful, imperfect and unpredictable ways. And while it is clear that nothing is certain or lasting, everything is already okay.


Cuz here I am in LA riding a bus with a homeless man or dining with an actor or lying on my back in a sound healing celebration.


And it’s all good.
Because it is all true.


While it was a surprise for me to suddenly be living in California (I came out here to go camping!) the true miracle is the inner shift that birthed its possibility.


I already knew I was good at buying plane tickets. I have flung myself to many beautiful and far flung places on the planet consistently for the past 20 years. What I have not alway been so good at: taking myself with me wherever I go.


It’s a game changer.


And it’s electrifying.


Because as I listen and I lean in to my own heart I am surprised to discover she is more radical and ready than I ever realized.


And I am delighted to discover her.


All Over.




  1. I love the writing, Pamela. The message, the style, the content throughout this site.

    I want to learn from you, work with you, shift my eating with you! And that is already happening. You are a magical woman, and since we developed our friendship, so much has grown and developed in my world. Including my body loving what it loves. I think you are a piece of why!

    • That is great Anna! I am so happy to hear that. You have a been a gift to me.

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