Health Coaching & Yoga

I have attended both group and private one on one yoga classes instructed by Pamela Malo. As a beginner student with some apprehensions, Pamela made me feel very comfortable and was considerate of my physical limitations. Pamela’s extensive knowledge and calming voice gave me the confidence to continue taking yoga classes. As a post gastric bypass patient, Pamela was instrumental in my success with her strong background in dietetics. I believe I have benefitted significantly from attending Pamela’s classes and I would highly recommend Pamela as a Yoga instructor.

-Kim Cardinelli, Florida


Pamela consciously sets the mood for a relaxing practice. It was calming flowing through the poses and being present by savoring the practice. Ending with a short poem and meditation left me with something to reflect on and feeling positive.

-Olga Guerrero, Texas


Pamela was non-judgemental, helpful and was really interested in helping ME find balance within my own life.. according to the person I am. My time with her was comfortable and soul opening. She helped me teach myself to be more comfortable with who I am (even to celebrate who I am!!!!!), to define and achieve goals and to face my fears. The excersizes that she taught me I still use daily. If you are looking for someone gentle, who truly listens and understands and works with who YOU are as an individual with unique needs and personality, I would definately reccomend Pamela Malo. She helped me to see myself and love myself.

-Sara Thomas, Washington


Nutrition Courses

“This class works from the inside out. I better understand my own personal relationship with food and nourishment thanks to the course.”
– Michael Matteson

“I learned you can be your own intelligent food critic, and not have to listen to advertising to decide what is best to consume.”

“This class spoke to the ‘spirit’ of nutrition, not just the letter.”
-Sandra Christian

-Course participant