Tara Mohr: An Interview on Playing Big (and Living Well)

Posted by on Oct 5, 2012

Today marks the kick-off of an interview series I will be doing called “The Well Nourished Life.”


I love hearing how and what nourishes people’s heart, soul, body and mind. On many levels, this is at the heart of the work that I do. I believe that if we are to flourish in our life, we must take care of ourself on every level. And that it looks a little bit different for everyone.


My first guest in this series is Tara Sophia Mohr. From the moment I landed on Tara’s blog a few years ago, it was clear she was the real deal. Tara is an expert on women’s leadership and well-being, has appeared multiple times on the Today Show, and writes regularly for the Huffington Post. Her work rings as true as it does deep.


In addition to being a writer and a poet, Tara is the creator of the women’s leadership program Playing Big. As a two-time participant in the course, I can attest to the powerful nature of this course. For me, Playing Big allowed me to stop thinking about starting a business, and actually start doing it. With the support of the program, I launched my website, started seeing clients, was interviewed for blogs and invited to present in a teleseminar, published an article, and submitted a proposal to speak at a national conference (which, incidentally is this weekend!). I also met incredible women from around the globe who continue to be source of support and inspiration years later. One of my favorite take-aways was something Tara spoke of in regards to callings, or assignments. The things we are put on this earth to do. Tara says it is okay to not feel ready for them.


“Assignments also always grow us in some meaningful way,” Tara explains. “You will have to evolve, develop new capacities, and show up to life in new ways [as you move towards your calling].”  You don’t start out who you need to be to do your work. It just doesn’t work that way. But, but you do become that person, along the way.


The Playing Big Effect


Every time I take Playing Big, there is a magical shift that happens. The invisible barriers that ordinarily stand in the way of me leaping toward my dreams fall away. I can’t specifically say whether it is the coursework, the community, the calls or a combination of all three. But I can say that when I am immersed in this material there is a dramatic shift. I am still a person person with fears and uncertainties, but I am able to proceed anyway. I still experience the voice of my inner critic, but I barely hear it in the background. When I am Playing Big, I walk with more courage. I stand with more integrity.


The third round of Playing Big is just about to begin. If you are interested Playing Bigger in your life  you can learn more here. I am a proud graduate and affiliate of this program. If you rather the non-affiliate version then simply click here.


Below is the interview I did with Tara. She describes the Playing Big program in her own words, shares insight into her own playing big journey, and lets us know what nourishes her soul. (And whether after all of her success, she still has days where she doesn’t want to get out of bed! What do you think?) At the end, she gifted me by reading of one of my favorite poems. Enjoy!! This one is a treat.


 The Well Nourished Life: Tara Sophia Mohr


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  1. Pamela, it’s so wonderful to watch you grow and thrive. What a wonderful interview with Tara. You are a natural and she certainly is an example of someone who knows how to nourish mind, body and soul.

  2. Thank you, Kim – great to see you here! I wholeheartedly agree, Tara sure does it well!!

  3. Once again congratulations on your new adventures. I’m sure your presentation in Philly went well and I’m excited for you in your new endeavors. Good luck with it all. Judy

    • Thank you for your support Judy!! I’m excited, too. 🙂

  4. I found Tara and her poem very inspirational. Thank you for sharing! So many women could benefit from the Playing Big program. I’ll be sure to pass it along.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it Allison- and thank you for spreading the word! I think the more women that know of Tara the better!

  5. Looking forward to the rest in the series, any clues as to who else you’ll be interviewing?

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