When did eating become so complicated?


Have you ever stopped to wonder if our ancestors walked around wondering which fats were good or bad, the number of calories in their cookies, or if milk and dairy should be avoided or embraced?

Do you find it frustrating that scientific literature constantly “proves” opposing nutrition theories?  Have you ever neglected to enjoy a perfectly lovely dinner trying to calculate the glycemic index? Or wondered what the heck a healthy diet looks like for you?


What’s in Your Nutrition Database?

Over time, each and every one of us accumulates a “PND” or a Personal Nutrition Database. Our PND consists of everything that we’ve ever heard from books, magazines, friends, families, the news and more.  We add to our database, sometimes daily, out a sincere desire to improve our health, yet it seems no amount of information ever gives us what we long for the most: a simple, cohesive nutrition message. And of course being able to eat foods that we enjoy!



You do not have to enter an alternate universe to balance science with your own body wisdom. You do not have to be a PhD in nutrition to make awesome meals for yourself and your family. And you certainly don’t have to wait until next year or your next lifetime to ‘figure it out.’ Heck, you don’t even have to wait until tomorrow.
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