Why Not Play Big in Your Life? (You Know You Want To.)

Posted by on Jan 24, 2012

I am not sure how I first stumbled upon Tara Mohr and her blog. But like a moth to a flame I was immediately drawn in. Tara’s poetic words…uplifting, comforting, mystifying and inspiring all at the same frequently brought me to tears. The type of tears that are born when something, somehow, without your conscious consent circumvents the monkey mind, dismisses the inner critic, bypasses the natural barriers around your heart, and speaks directly into your soul. That beautiful little corner of your heart that you don’t fully understand or embrace yet. But, you long to.

At least that’s what Tara’s work does for me.

Playing Big

Playing Big is a leadership program for women. What I think sets it apart is that the course is the understanding that becoming a leader in our life is both an internal and an external journey. Here are some of the tangible results that came from my participation in Playing Big

– My inner critic was quieted to a point of near silence

-I hired a fellow participant and photographer to take photos for this here website

-I was featured in not one but two different blogs posts written by fellow participants

– I was asked (and did!) present a teleseminar with two other Playing Big women

– I created a Spiritual Seekers books club for participants that was enjoyed by many

– I submitted a proposal for an article which was published

– I was able to stop confusing ‘sharing about myself ‘ with ‘bragging’

– I gained a support network of friends around the world, many of whom I met in person

– I find myself taking MORE risks with MORE ease than ever before

Playing Big Round 2

The second round of Playing Big is just about to begin. If you are interested Playing Bigger in your life  you can learn more here *.

(* This is an affiliate link.  I fully endorse this program.)


I’m not sure if I mentioned it, but Tara is also a poet. Below is one of my favorite poems of hers.

 In the End

In the end
you won’t be known
for the things you did,
or what you built,
or what you said.

You won’t even be known
for the love given
or the hearts saved,

because in the end you won’t be known.

You won’t be asked, by a vast creator full of light:
What did you do to be known?

You will be asked: Did you know it,
this place, this journey?

What there is to know can’t be written.
Something between the crispness of air
and the glint in her eye
and the texture of the orange peel.

What you’ll want a thousand years from now is this:
a memory that beats like a heart–
a travel memory, of what it was to walk here,
alive and warm and textured within.

Sweet brightness, aliveness, take-me-now-ness that is life.

You are here to pay attention. That is enough.

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