Yoga & Peaceful Eating


A Mind – Body – Heart Approach to Nutrition & Health

 This course was created based upon the poem My Wish

What is yoga for peaceful eating?

Yoga for Peaceful eating is a four-week course designed by Registered Dietitian and Yoga Instructor Pamela Malo that focuses on nutrition from a unique mind-body-heart perspective. Through weekly discussion, yoga, personal reflection and mind-body science we will discover that what is on our plate is only part of the story.





This course is for you if…

  • You are tired of conflicting information in regards to what to eat
  • You are ready to experience (or return to) a more pleasant relationship with eating, and yourself
  • You tired of your self-worth being tied to a number on the scale
  • You ready to stop counting (calories, carbs etc) when it comes to food
  • You are ready to greet food with ease and joy instead of uncertainty and frustration
  • There a part of you that knows you are not leaving the food legacy that you want your children to have, but aren’t sure how to begin to change it
  • You tried every diet but still aren’t sure what works best for you


**The current session of YPE is full.**

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During this course you will receive…

  • Four yoga classes designed to support the body with digestion, elimination and detoxification
  • Weekly information related nutrition,  the mind-body connection,  and habit change
  • Tools to deal with the mind, your inner food critic, and others who are on a different ‘eating path’
  • The support and encouragement of community
  • Optional assignments between classes to deepen your learning
  • Optional one-on-one personal dietary session with Pamela



 Is this course just for people trying to lose weight?

While some participants may wish to lose weight, the class is appropriate for anyone who wants a healthier happier relationship with food and their body.


Is this course just for women?

No. Men have participated and are welcome to attend.


What happens during class?

Each class begins with a gentle  and restorative yoga class and is  followed by nutrition discussion, reflection and sharing. Exercises and discussion are designed to cultivate self-awareness, see the “food story” we have created and connect with food  in a new and loving way.


What does not happen class?

This course is not about “what to eat.” I do not promote any products, cleanses, eating styles or diets during the course. You will realize how multi-faceted true nourishment is, and be empowered to learn what works for you. My goal is to help foster a connection with the best nutrition expert you have- you!


 * Previous yoga experience is not required.


Want to know even MORE? Here is the curriculum*


Week 1: Getting Clear

Screen Shot 2013-12-25 at 10.42.44 PM

In our first week we will…

Take stock. What’s working? What’s not? What’s in the gap between the two?

Learn a 5-minute energy routine to improve how you feel and your body functions

Create a wellness vision



Week 2: Taming the Mental Monkey monkey

In our second class you will…
  • Meet your Inner Food Critic (the voice inside your head with a constant commentary about what you eat!)
  • Discover techniques to shift into a more positive mental framework related to food and health
  • Learn why most weight loss programs do not work 96-99% of the time


girl treeWeek 3: Igniting Body Wisdom

     In our third class you will…
  •  Find out how stress affects nutrition
  • Discover the tenants of intuitive eating
  • Discuss simple techniques for connecting with body wisdom


Week 4: Hearts Alive! heartsalive

In our fourth class you will…
  • Shift into a larger and more empowering perspective about why we nourish
  • Envision yourself and your life from a novel lens
  • Discover why great health and nutrition is a stepping stone to the life you are meant to live

* exact order and topics taught will depend upon participant needs and are subject to change


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What would be possible if you made peace with food, your body and… yourself?


Previous attendees Pamela’s nutrition courses said…

“I am more accepting of myself and engage far less in “self-hatred” over weight. It’s a relief not to weigh myself but once a month.”

-Course participant


“This class works from the inside out. I better understand my own personal relationship with food and nourishment thanks to the course.”

– Michael Matteson


“This class spoke to the ‘spirit’ of nutrition not simply the letter.”

-Sandra Christian


“Much more loving attitude toward myself , my body, and the aging process.”

– Course participant



– Course participant


“The class is focused on creating body wisdom and self-control from a very deeply experienced place of self-esteem. That is the jewel you provided to me.”

– CN


100% of past participants said they would recommend this course to a friend. 


Pamela Malo, MHS, RD, KYT is an expert at understanding the dynamic relationship people have with food. She is a registered dietitian, certified yoga instructor, and received her Master of Health Science in Nutrition from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Coursework through the Institute for the Psychology of Eating in Boulder, CO deepened her nutrition knowledge. For six years, Pamela traveled throughout the United States conducting research for the CDC’s National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), the largest public health study in the world. She has lived in over 40 cities across the United States, traveled to over 25 countries, and also conducted and created nutrition programs internationally. Today, Pamela’s work focuses on helping individuals understand the inner and outer dynamics of creating a deeply nourishing life.